St. Clair County Propbusters

Membership Application


Date:  ____/____/____                                          AMA# ____________


Member’s name:  __________________________________________

Address:     ______________________________________________


E-mail address: ___________________________________________


Phone #: (_____) _______-__________                    Age: _______


Emergency Phone #:  (_____) _______-__________


You must be a member of AMA to fly at this club. Proof of valid AMA membership is required before a student can begin training; excluding intro-pilot program. All members who fly model aircraft at the Propbusters’ field must provide proof of AMA membership (AMA number) to the club secretary upon receipt of AMA membership, and annually at Propbusters membership renewal for verification and clerical purposes as required of the club by AMA. Display of AMA membership card on frequency board is required to fly at the Propbusters’ field.


New Members

One-time initiation fee   $30.00

- Initiation fee does not include dues

- Initiation fee waived for Junior Members.

Dues - Make checks payable to: St. Clair County Propbusters

Open (19 to 62 yrs:): $25.00
Senior (62+ yrs as of June 1st of current year): $15.00
Junior (< 19 yrs as of June 1st of current year): $0
Late Fee (After December 31st) $10 (except Junior Members)



I understand the AMA rules and will abide by the By-laws and Field rules of the St. Clair County Propbusters.


Member Signature:  _____________________________________


Officer Signature:  ______________________________________


Club meetings start at 7:00 pm the second Wed. of every month in the Community Center building at Goodells County Park or at the field (weather permitting).

Turn in application and dues at the meeting or mail it to:

7147 Main  Smiths Creek, MI  48074


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