September 23 2006
Emergency work days for the driveway and Pilot's parking. The gravel was delivered as scheduled and had to be moved by members who were available. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped with the work day: Gary Smedes - who brought along his front-loader to move the stone, Don (Ed London's neighbor) for his front-loader work, Kirk Churchill for getthing the fabric underlayment, Mike Grant for pulling some strings to get a great deal on the stone, Ed London, and Ed Olszewski who brought out their tractors with blades for leveling, and for all the manual work done by: Sheila Olszewski, Jack Drake, Ed London, Mikr Grant, Gary Smedes, Ed London, Ed Olszewski, Doug Porett and last but not least Carl Jones who was in his car, on his way to a U of M football game, turned around and skipped the game, and came back to help - at a moments notice (that's dedication).



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